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Barkley, Daniel

Cadenzas from an Invisible Concerto (2016) solo vcl   

Plus 2 Minus 3 (2016) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno (Honoury Mention 1st Peter Rosser Composition Award)

Five go to the Mystery Moor (2017)fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno (Runner up 2nd Peter Rosser Composition Award)

Bartók, Béla

Contrasts (1938) Bb cl, vln, pno

Benjamin, George

3 Miniatures (2001) solo vln

Bennett, Ed

Revolver (2020) fl, bs. cl, vln, vcl & pno Commissioned by HRSE with funds from ACNI

Benson, Warren

3 Dances for Solo Snare Drum (1962) solo snare drum

Berg, Alban

Vier Stücke Op. 5 (1913) cl &pno   

Adagio (Arrangement from Chamber Concerto II 1926) vl, cl & pno

Berio, Luciano

Sequenza I (1958) solo flute    

Sequenza IX (1980) solo cl

Boulez, Pierre

Dérive 1 (1984) fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno & perc

Bryers, Gavin

Jesus' blood never failed me yet

Buchi, Valentino

Concerto (1969) solo cl

Buckley, John

2 Fantasias for Alto Flute (2004) solo alto flute

​Constellations (2009) Pre-recorded multiple flutes and solo flute

​Three Mobiles after Alexander Calder (2019) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno Commissioned by HRSE with funding from ACNI

Byers, David

Strum, Strum and be Hang’d (2005) vcl & tape

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