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Caffrey, Greg

These are the clouds about the fallen Sun (2013) fl, Bb cl, vln, vcl, pno

​In Search of a Human Dialogue (2014) fl, Bs cl, vln, vcl, pno

​Idée Fixe fl/al fl, Bs cl, vln, vc, pno

​Tre Correnti (2013) solo alto flute

​Blunt Instrument (2008-9) bs cl & pno

​Garden of Earthly Delights (2016) fl (alto, picc), Bb cl (bs cl), vln, vcl, pno & perc

​Multiphonic Study (2012) Bs Clarinet

​Carter Fragment (2011) Bb Clarinet

Ménage a Trois (2016) solo vcl

​Pulled Down Out of the Young Breath-Giving Air (2016) vln, vla and vcl

​Deluge, Fugue & Allegro (Vibes Version 2016) solo vibes

​Three Movements on the work of William Scott (2017) fl (alto, picc), Bb cl (bs cl), vln, vcl, pno & perc

​…for peace comes dropping slow (2017) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno (commissioned by HRSE)

​The Chronic Identity Crisis of Pamplemousse fl (alto & Picc), cl (bass cl), vln, vcl, pno harp, perc, countertenor, tenor, bass & chorus

​Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold fl (picc.), bs cl, vln, vcl &pno (Written specially for HRSE)

​A Terrible Beauty II (Chamber Version 2019) fl (picc.), cl (bs cl), vln, vcl,  pno & perc

Cage, John

Music for Three (1984-1987) fl, cl & perc

Campbell, Bill

There Comes a Time (2015) fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno

Carter, Elliott

Triple Duo (1983) fl (picc), Bb cl (Eb, bs cl), vln, vcl, pno & perc

Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux (1984) fl, cl & marimba

Excerpt from 4 Lauds (1984 - 2001) solo Violin

Gra (1993) solo cl

Clarke, Rhona

Con Coro (2011) vln, vcl & tape

​In Umbra (2000 Rev. 2016) solo vcl

​Non-Stop (2020) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno (Commissioned by HRSE)

Cleary, Siobhan

Chaconne (2007) solo pno

Cole, Elliot

Postlude No 8 (2012) vibraphone

Corcoran, Frank

Nine looks at Pierrot (2013) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

Coyle, Stephen

Eske (2013) vln, vcl & pno

Crumb, George

Vox Balaenae (1971) fl, vcl & pno

Cutler, Joe

Archie (2005) vln, vcl & pno