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Davismoon, Stephen

Timeless Shades of Green (2013) bs cl & pno

Deane, Raymond

Seachanges with Danse Macabre (1993-94) piccolo (alt fl), pno, vln, vcl & perc

Debussy, Claude

Violin sonata (1917) vln & pno

Dinescu, Violeta

Fragment V (1990) cl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

Dennehy, Donnacha

Paddy (2003) miscellaneous junk

Dolphy, Eric

God bless the child (trans-1985) solo bs cl

Donatoni, Franco

Etwas ruhiger im Ausdruck (1967) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

Fili (1981) fl & pno

​Het (1990) fl, cl & pno

Soft (1989) solo Bs cl

Clair (1980) solo cl

Doyle, Timothy

Closer (2017) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

Dubois, Pierre-Max

Sonatine-Tango (1984) bsn & pno

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