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Haas, Georg Friedrich

Ins Licht (2007) vln, vcl, pno

Hamilton, Andrew

d (2016) fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno

Harrison, Sadie

No title required for quintet (1994 Rev. 1999) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

Harron, Damian

Okavango (1998) 2 drums

Harvey, Jonathan

Run before Lightning (2004) fl & pno

Hellawell, Piers

Minnesang (2011) Bs cl, pno

Atria (2013) cl & pno

​Truth or Consequences (1991) cl, vcl & pno

Weaver of Grass (2002) vln, vla,  vcl, dbs & pno

​Balcony Scenes (2014) solo vln

​High Citadels (1994) cl & pno

​Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You (1988) fl & vcl

​Fictions (2015) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

​Lets Dance (1996) solo perc

​Ground Truthing (2018) fl (picc. alt fl. mel.), bs cl (Bb cl), vln, vcl & pno Commissioned by HRSE with funds from ACNI Small Grants

Hersant, Philippe

Niggun (1993) solo bassoon

Hong, Sungji

Shades of Raindrops fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

Hoover, Katherine

Kokopeli (1990) solo flute

Horne, David

Sulla Corde (2010) solo vcl

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