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Rebelo, Pedro

Gathering Dust (2017) fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno, ch. elec & vid

Reeves, Camden

Starlight Squid (1998 rev. 2001) vln, vcl & pno

Reich, Steve

Double Sextet (2007) fl, Bb cl, vln, vcl, pno, vibes & tape

Electric Counterpoint (1987) solo marimba & vibes arr. Mov 1- Fast

​Violin Phase (1967) violin & tape

Cello Counterpoint (2003) cello & tape

Vermont Counterpoint (1982) flute & tape

Nagoya Marimbas (1994) 2 marimbas

Riley, Terry

In C (1964) unspecified group of instruments

Ring, Judith

Swelt belly at Dawn (2013) vln, vcl & cl

Ruders, Poul

Vox in Rama (1983) amp vln, cl & pno

Rooney, Amy

Lines and Dots (2015) fl, Bb cl, vln, vcl & pno

Wallflowers and Butterflies (2014) fl, vln & vcl  

Flight Paths (2014) solo vln

​Phosphenes (2019) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

​Attrition (2019) cl, vln & vcl

Flow State (2022) fl, cl, vln vcl & pno

Rosser, Peter

Le Mai (1995) solo pno

The Last Temptation of Arnold Schoenberg (2004) solo pno

Rowan, Matthew

Grooves become Walls (2017) fl, cl, vln, vcl & pno

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