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HRSE & UYO join forces In C

Ulster Youth Orchestra Workshop and Concert

Join us for our annual joint concert with the talented musicians of the Ulster Youth Orchestra. This year we have guest conductor Paul Hoskins, visiting from the Purcell School of Music and we mark the occasion by featuring music by two giants of American contemporary music, George Lewis and Terry Riley. Our afternoon workshop (not open to the public) is an exciting chance for the young musicians of UYO to explore contemporary music, investigate new sounds and techniques within a larger ensemble setting.


George Lewis' piece Arcades is essentially a group improvisation and “as the musicians navigate through the written passages that make up the sonic arcades, the overall effect should be that of several different kinds of musical behaviours heard in juxtaposition, but with a certain common direction. The players feel their way through the piece from beginning to end, establishing and re-establishing consensus–an emergent sonic sociality, or perhaps a protean assemblage.” (CoMA).


“Terry Riley’s piece In C is one of the seminal works of the late 20th century. Premiered in 1964, it was the work that introduced the musical style now known as Minimalism to a mainstream audience. Full of repeating cells, insistent rhythms, and high energy, In C is a work that can also be endlessly colourful… In C had a deep and lasting impact on contemporary classical composers like Steve Reich and John Adams; but it also affected the rock world, influencing artists like John Cale and Brian Eno.” (John Schaefer)


Come and see the future of new music in safe hands.


Arcades (2018) George Lewis (1952) flexible instrumentation

In C (1964) Terry Riley (1935) flexible instrumentation


(No tickets required)


Sunday 7th April 2023, 3-6pm

(Not open to Public)

Sunday 7th April 2023, 7.30pm

Harty Room, Queen's University Belfast

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